Pastry Box: Benefits Of Packaging Pastries

Pastry boxes are normally produced according to the requirements of the consumer. However, the box is produced from quality material to ensure proper preservation and delivery of pastries. These boxes are usually produced and shipped at a flat rate. It does not also require any form of expertise to assemble.

These boxes can be produced in different designs and styles. Prominent companies also offer different sizes of pastry packaging boxes. Inserts can also be provided on these boxes to store more than one pastry at a time.

The important use of Pastry box
Pastry box is used for packaging Pastries. These boxes help the fragile pastry to retain its freshness and taste for a long period of time. Consumers enjoy eating fresh, moist and tasty pastries. When they discover that your company’s pastries stay fresh for long, they will be more interested to buy your product.

Bakers and confectioners use the Pastry packaging box to promote and grow their businesses. With a lot of competitors producing almost the same taste of pastries, one unique way to differentiate your brand from others is to make your packaging more attractive and unique.

Consumers place more value on items that are neatly packaged. Pastry packaging box help to prevent dust and other items from coming in contact with the pastry. The box helps to keep the pastry in a hygienic state for long.

These boxes can be used to delight the customer in a special way. Apart from the fact that these boxes can retain the freshness and sweetness of the pastry, it also retains their shape. The pastry is fragile and can lose its shape easily. The box helps to prevent any form of abrasion or pressure that may distort the shape of this food item, during storage and while on transit.

Pastries can be offered to guests during birthday parties and other main events. These boxes are usually made more attractive and colorful for such celebrations. For wedding, the color of the Pastry packaging box can be the same as that used for the occasion. This will add more color and beauty to the environment.

For transporting a large number of pastries, these boxes can be customized with special inserts. This will help businesses to save cost of transportation as a large number of pastries can be transported at the same time in a single pastry box. The insert also help to hold the pastries firmly in place. It prevents these desserts from colliding or falling, thereby reducing wastage that the business might incur.

New and existing businesses can also use the pastry packaging box to grow their businesses. This box is also an excellent marketing tool. Company logo, address and other vital information can be printed on the box. The type of ingredients used can also be printed on the pastry box. Kids will fall in love with pastry boxes that are designed with special cartoon characters or printed with attractive colors.

The pastry box can be customized into any unique sizes, shapes, or designs. These boxes can also be customized with handle to make it convenient for customers to carry their precious dessert home.

Benefits of customized pastry box
Customizing your own unique pastry box is a prerequisite for business success and growth. Once the quality of the product is good, another unique way to entice consumers is to deliver your pastry in unique packaging boxes. There is a lot of competition among bakers and for your business to gain successful market penetration you need to get crafty with your pastry box.

Leading packaging companies allow their customers to choose the design, style and type of material they want their packaging box to have. Numerous templates can also be offered to customers to stimulate the customer’s idea. Delight consumers with attractive pastry boxes. These boxes can also be customized with special handles to make it easier for your customers to carry more pastries.

The pastry box can also be made more attractive with high color technology such as the CMYK and PMS technique. This modern color technology in addition to the digital and offset printing techniques can be used to enhance the attractiveness of the pastry packaging box.

Why bakers and confectioners prefer the Pastry box
The handles that come with these boxes are one of the unique features that make the pastry box portable and convenient to handle. In addition to the handle, window design can also be provided on the packaging box to increase the visibility of the content.

Printed Pastry box
Pastry box is printed with high technology such as the digital and offset printing technique. Quality ink and color technology is also used to enhance the appearance of the pastry packaging box. For special events, these boxes can also be printed with compelling theme that presents the product in a unique way.

Pastry box can also be used to distinguish the brand’s identity from others in the same line of business. Logo, brand title and other vital information can also be printed on the box.

Hiring a professional
There are so many benefits of hiring a professional. The individual is not only filled with vast knowledge about how to solve your packaging needs but offers unique packaging boxes that will cause your brand to stand out. You can outshine your competitors by packaging your products in a unique way.

However, the pastry packaging box can be made more attractive with high quality finishing techniques such as glossy, matte, spot UV, and raised ink.

Religious Discrimination: Not Always A Piece of Cake

Religious Discrimination or Gender Discrimination?
We’ve all read about the baker or photographer who refuses services to the gay wedding couple. In the clash of sincerely held beliefs of “right and wrong,” someone will get hurt. One such case will be decided in the 2017-18 term by the U.S. Supreme Court.

A Colorado baker refused to prepare a wedding cake for a gay couple based on his religious convictions that homosexual marriage is sinful, and he should not be compelled to express approval of the marriage implicitly by his preparation of an item [the cake, and quite likely, the message written on the cake] celebrating the marriage. The Colorado court ruled for the gay couple. The baker’s cake is now served up on appeal to the Supreme Court.

Religious Discrimination May Depend on How You Slice It.
Society’s view on the right of homosexuals to enter same sex marriages has shifted rapidly over the decade. This rate of cultural change is amazing. California, for example, went from a constitutional amendment limiting marriage to opposite sex persons to being compelled by its State Supreme Court to allow such marriages. The U.S. Supreme Court later ruled that the due process clause and 14th amendment of the federal Constitution restricted the States from denying marriage licenses to same sex couples. Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. ___ (2015).

Is a wedding cake an expression of belief that, if compelled, would be a violation of the baker’s religious liberty under the First Amendment? Justice William Brennan in Sherbert v. Verner (1963) stated: “The door of the Free Exercise Clause stands tightly closed against any governmental regulation of religious beliefs. Government may neither compel affirmation of a repugnant belief, nor penalize or discriminate against individuals or groups because they hold religious views abhorrent to the authorities, nor employ the taxing power to inhibit the dissemination of a particular religious views.”

The Baker [Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado] states that he views the use of his cakes as messages, and that some messages violate his religious beliefs. He has written: “And that rule applies to far more than cakes celebrating same-sex marriages. I also won’t use my talents to celebrate Halloween, anti-American or anti-family themes, atheism, racism, or indecency.” The Denver Post .

The photography and wedding cake cases are distinguished from blatant homophobic bias by the “expressive” message the writing and/or images project. The business people who refuse to create these expressions do so because the expression is antithetical to their religious belief. Likewise, their religious belief is antithetical to those who are refused the goods or services the businesses provide.

Religious Discrimination or Religious Freedom?: Tough Questions for the Court.
Rights collide in a democratic society. The right of free speech collides against the public safety when the speech is certain to cause mayhem and death to innocent people. The right to “bear arms” is limited by laws requiring the registration of weapons after a background check. The current “wedding cake” dispute will require the court to balance two contending societal values: the freedom to marry, and the freedom of religion.

The Supreme Court has again put itself in the role of umpiring a societal battle that raises numerous questions:

  • Is the icing on the cake a form of governmentally compelled expression contrary to the baker’s religious freedom?
  • Is the icing on the cake the baker’s expression of approval of gay marriage, or simply a product specification he delivers for expression by the purchaser?
  • Is the icing on the cake offensive to the baker to the degree that it is an attack upon his religious convictions?
  • Is the icing on the cake readily available from other bakers not having the same religious convictions as Phillips?
  • Which religious beliefs merit First Amendment protections and which will be deemed unconstitutional?
  • Which religious practices does a free democratic society decide to be forms of illegal discrimination?

In addressing these questions, the U.S. Supreme Court will have to decide whether the icing on the cake is a form of expression that unduly restricts Phillips’s freedom of religion. Is Phillips correct that he is somehow forced to approve homosexual marriage by preparing a cake for the wedding? Is the act of applying a message on a cake his adoption of the message as his own? Is his baking participation in a ceremony he finds repugnant to his religious conviction? Repugnancy and abhorrence seem to be in full supply by both parties to the case. When the Court makes the call, there will booing from one side or the other within the stadium of ideas.